30 Nov


How to eat figs

Try them all!

Fig Newtons, anyone?  Except you don’t want to eat those because they are packed full of unhealthiness.  Hands down the BEST non-GMO fig bar I have found up to this point is made by Nature’s Bakery.  As you can see, they offer eight different flavors to choose from, and every one of them is delicious!

If you are doing bulk shopping, you can pick up a select few flavors at Thrive Market or a wider selection at Lucky Vitamin.  I have also found these at our local Costco.

These are easy to throw in your purse or include as a snack in the kids’ lunch!

They are great plain too!

My favorite brand of dried figs is Made in Nature, along with their other dried fruits (the list is long!).  You will find Smyrna whole figs and quarters, and whole Black Mission Figs.  I personally like them all equally but some have a preference for one or the other.  The Smyrna quarters are great for adding to other things like cereal.  Dried figs are particularly good because during the drying process they develop a light sugary coating on the outside to make them extra sweet.

Find whole Smyrna figs at Lucky Vitamin.

Made in Nature’s Black Mission Figs are somewhat difficult to find, but Woodstock produces Black Mission Figs.  Naturally, they are non-GMO verified and you can find them at Lucky Vitamin as well!


I put a handful in a bag for road trips to make an easy and delicious snack!

Which one is your favorite?

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