Why eat non-GMO?

Consuming a non-GMO diet has become as issue of great importance for individuals, families, and our planet.  GMO foods are becoming more and more a part of our food supply by the day and most of us are unaware that we are consuming GMO foods that could cause drastic problems to our health.  Some have termed GMO foods as the “silent killer” because we currently do not know what outcome the regular consumption of these foods will have on mankind.  Foods that we consider healthy may not be as healthy as we think

The definihamburger-helpertion of healthy diet has shifted a great deal in the last fifty years as we have continued to add more and more packaged and frozen foods to our grocery shelves.  While I really would abhor having to kill and pluck my own chickens, in many ways the people who used to do that often ate healthier because they knew what their animals were eating and what they were growing in their family garden.

Now most of us purchase everything we eat from the store either fresh, frozen or pre-packaged.  The word fresh sounds like a healthy option and many food companies and restaurants use this as a marketing tool to sell their foods.  Frozen is easier than fresh; it’s already cooked, just warm it up.  Pre-packaged sounds a little questionable to most people regardless of what you perceive as healthy because we all know that it’s packed with chemicals that everyone knows we really shouldn’t be eating.  But it’s convenient for busy families.

If we do choose to do our own gardening and raise our own animals, most people buy generic vegetable seeds from the store and feed their loving animals Purina grains.  Unlike our ancestors who saved their heirloom seeds and fed their animals from their own crops, we are growing foods from seeds with no knowledge512px-irrigated_wheat_field of where they have come from and feeding our animals grains that have been planted, watered, fed and harvested by someone else.  Those animals we then consume without knowing what is in the foods they have eaten to make the meat we are eating.  While they qualify as “fresh” foods their true health capacity is unknown.

Beyond all of the basic healthy food concepts we all know, the paradigm of healthy food has taken a quiet but sinister turn.  We are now dealing with a problem that is beyond just fruits and vegetables and lean meats; fresh, frozen or pre-packaged.  The problem we are now dealing with is not visible to the naked eye, does not look bad or taste bad or smell bad, and looks healthy like we think healthy food should look.  GMO foods are infiltrating our humanity and we have no idea what they will do to the health of our society.

I am so glad that you have visited my webpage.  On the following pages you will find information that will help you understand what GMO foods are, why they were made, what potential harm they have, websites that I shop from to find non-GMO foods and other resources for you to read and share.