The Research

The Professionals that have Done the Research

The term GMO is known well enough by most that at the very least we can tell someone what it means.  There are a handful of people, however, who have dug deep and found information that is invaluable to our understanding of the truth of what GMO’s are and what we do and don’t truly know about them.  The resources of these people have been invaluable to me in my quest to learn and I hope they will be to you as well.


The Institute for Responsible Technology

Jeffrey Smith founded the IRT in 2003 and provides the most comprehensive source on information on genetically modified organisms.  He has written several books and regularly lectures around the world.  If you are looking for more detailed information on GMO’s this site is fantastic.


Dr. Mercola has compiled a website designated to information on GMO products, recorded interviews, research studies and political information.  Click on the logo to reach his site.

19145_247092008514_1933494_nNon-GMO Project Verified is the most comprehensive website in terms of standardizing non-GMO products and completing testing to ensure that products are definitively non-GMO.  They have a large database of specific products from each company that has been tested and found to meet their standards.  Look for the Non-GMO Project Verified butterfly seal when seeking trusted non-GMO products.


128px-the_word_no_made_from_jigsaw_puzzle_pieces_-_flickr_horiavarlanSay No to GMOs is an excellent source of information on archived studies, commonly asked questions and other information resources.  Visit their website here.



hero-lgTeam Non-GMO is compiled of a group of individuals that partake in the community to learn about GM foods, spread the word about their danger, and share their knowledge.  I highly suggest you become a member if you are invested in the non-GMO movement.