1 Nov


Non-GMO Sugar is Easy to Find

With sugar being such a necessary commodity to us, it is not difficult to find non-GMO Verified sugar.

Wholesome Sweeteners is one of the more popular Non-GMO Verified brands that makes cane sugar, and I find their products taste great in any application.  They offer cane sugar, raw turbinado cane sugar, powdered sugar, and dark and light brown sugar.  Their sugars are also organic, so you can avoid pesticide exposure as well.

I give Wholesome Sweeteners 5-stars for all of their sugar products!

Find the complete varieties of Wholesome Sugars at Lucky Vitamin, or if you are a Thrive Market shopper you will find some there as well!

In The Raw produces Sugar In The Raw, and while their selection of cane sugars is smaller than Wholesome their products are both organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.  Also a 5-star product!

Look for their products at Lucky Vitamin!


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