18 Oct

Now that you have become a sustainable gardening expert, you will want to save those non-GMO homegrown foods for winter time!  I love nothing more than to pop open a can of homemade pickled beets or canned green beans. 359px-preservedfood1 They taste so much better than frozen!

I won’t lie, canning is a time-consuming project and I know people that spend months in the summer canning their
garden goodies.  But the most important pay-off when you are looking to feed yourself and your family a non-GMO diet is that you have it when you need it and you know what it is because you grew it and canned it yourself.  There is no greater security in my mind.

Whether you are completely new to canning and preserving or a seasoned veteran, Fresh Preserving has everything you would ever need!  Along with the obvious jars and lids, they offer a long list of other items, including:

  • Recipes
  • Canning guides
  • Problem solving tools
  • Books
  • Storage units for jars
  • Infusing jars
  • and even fun decorative items for household use.

This is your go-to place for everything you would ever want for canning and preserving.  Check out Fresh Preserving here!  Click the picture below to get started.


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