17 Apr

I you have not yet, I suggest you read my blog on phytic acid to understand why these foods are worth your consideration.

If the preparation of soaking, and the potential necessity of drying of these foods sounds too overwhelming, there are foods to be bought that will fit what you need!

Sprouted Rice

Its open because we eat it!

While it sounds foreign, it tastes very similar to un-sprouted rice.  My favorite brand, Lundberg, has filled the need for this product with four varieties of rice: Brown Basmati, Tri-Color Blend, Short Brown and Red.  For a little spice and flavor, they have also created four sprouted rice blends: Chili Verde, Korean BBQ, Thai Red Curry and Vegetable Fried Rice

Find all of these varieties at Lucky Vitamin!


Soaked and Dried Nuts

With the recent craze in eating all raw foods, it may be hard for you to believe that soaking a drying nuts is not a big no-no.  I can understand your angst, but consider it rooted in incomplete information.  Soaking results in the inactivation of phytic acid, the drying is to make them more edible.  Being dried at low temperature, there is no concern about the nutrition in the nuts being destroyed.

One excellent source of soaked and dried nuts is Wilderness Family Naturals.  They offer a wide variety of nuts ready-to-eat, or buy them raw and prepare them yourself!


To Bean or not to Bean

We all know that beans have a reputation for causing gas, and the reason for this is because they are not soaked properly prior to eating.

Unfortunately, proper bean preparation has to occur at home.  Soaking them in an acid medium before cooking will inactivate the phytic acid.  Your digestion will thank you!

Visit my bean blog to find non-GMO beans!



Because we eat so many bread-based foods, replacing regular flour with sprouted flour for baking and cooking use is very important.

There are two brands of sprouted flour that I use regularly and have been very pleased with: King Arthur and One Degree.  They require no special treatment and are used exactly like the flour you are used to using, so there is no added stress!



I believe that you will find that, as you integrate more of these foods into your diet after being prepared properly, that you will feel more satisfied after eating.  I have also experienced that I eat a smaller quantity of food, and I believe this is because I am receiving more nutrients from the foods I do eat.  This likely plays a factor for those that struggle with constant hunger, over-eating, and excess weight.

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