10 Dec

Have no fear!  You do not have to give up your mint candy!

Have you ever wondered why so many restaurants offer mint candies as you leave?  Mint is an excellent calmative for the digestive system; anything from mild indigestion to anti-nausea for illness.  So don’t be afraid to carry a few in your pocket for an after-dinner treat for that Mexican that you know will rumble your tummy.

VerMints offers a selection of six different flavors of mint candies that come in a convenient portable tin.  PepperMint, WinterMint, CinnaMint, GingerMint, Chai and Cafe Express.  If you are looking for the stomach-calming mint, I would prioritize the PepperMint, WinterMint or GingerMint.  The other flavors are great for assuaging the occasional sweet tooth or remedy for bad breath.  Find all of their flavors except the chai at Lucky Vitamin.

VerMints are rated 5 stars for a healthy replacement to your favorite!


And let us not forget the holiday candy canes, a Christmas staple that many just couldn’t do without in their stocking!  Tru Joy has created a peppermint candy cane that is an excellent non-GMO substitute for the generic candy cane.  They are full of peppermint flavor without the tooth-cracking sweetness!  Find them at the lowest price at Thrive Market.

VerMints and Tru Joy are both Non-GMO Project Verified!

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