31 Jan

In my opinion, Manuka honey is something that everyone should keep on their shelf as a regular part of your diet and as a natural antimicrobial for wound healing.

While it is somewhat expensive, if you invest in a (KFactor) UMF 16+ Manuka honey, you will not need to use more than a teaspoon orally per day so it will last for quite a long time.

I always suggest buying raw honey, no matter the kind, to retain the natural enzyme benefits that pasteurization with heat removes.

Wedderspoon is the primary company that I look for when looking for Non-GMO Project Verified Manuka honey.  The offer both KFactor 12 and KFactor 16 rated honey to make sure you are receiving the additional benefits of their Manuka.  Wedderspoon honey is rated 5-stars by all of their customers (including myself)!

Find the best selection of Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey at Lucky Vitamin, or look for the lowest price at Thrive Market.

Your body will thank you!


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