1 Feb

As I mentioned in my honey blog, raw honey is the best form of honey to consume because it retains the natural enzymes that give honey its anti-bacterial properties.  You can also find healing Manuka honey here.


Wholesome Sweeteners makes excellent raw honey to compliment their other sweetener products.  I always find Wholesome products superior quality and their honey is no exception.  Try this 5-star product, you won’t regret it!




Wedderspoon, along with their Manuka honey, produces mono-floral honey varieties from Rata, Beechwood, Dandelion and Fir that retain a unique flavor from the flowers that they harvest.  If you are looking for a honey that is unique in taste in comparison to the typical poly-floral blend, this is the company!  All of their honey products earn 5-stars from their consumers.



Heavenly Organics makes one poly-floral and Acacia and Neem mono-floral blends to suit your taste!  Their mono-floral blends are of a different variety than those of Wedderspoon, so take your time as give them all a look since each has a unique taste and application.



Find all three brands at Lucky Vitamin, take your time and shop!

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