14 Dec

While you know that I am an advocate of all things non-GMO, I would strongly emphasize that a non-GMO chewing gum is very important simply because it stays in your mouth for a period of time.  Thankfully there is not a shortage.

Simply Gum is just that…simple.  Made with chicle base, cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, rice flour and mint, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, coffee or maple flavors, it is simple and tasteful.  It is, however, sweetened with sugar so if you are a frequent gum chewer I would suggest alternating it with another brand.

Find the variety pack on Amazon or six-packs of Simply Gum in your favorite flavor.  Also find the ginger, cinnamon and mint flavors at Thrive Market with the rest of your shopping!

Glee gum is also made with natural ingredients and the classic Glee Gum comes in peppermint, tangerine, cinnamon, spearmint, bubblegum, and mixed berry.  The classic flavors are sweetened with cane sugar and brown rice syrup.

Glee has also made a sugar-free gum that is sweetened with xylitol that comes in mint, lemon-lime and watermelon flavors.  Find Glee Gumand Glee Gum Sugar Free on Amazon in multi-packs of one flavor or variety packs.  Stock up your center console!

And finally, last but not least is XyliChew!  Made with xylitol to be sugar free, XyliChew is more like the shelf-brand gum in terms of other ingredients.  While Simply Gum and Glee are made with chicle, XyliChew is a gum base.  Flavored in cinnamon, fruit, spearmint, peppermint, black licorice and ice mint, mint lovers will find their mint-tooth satisfied.  Find XyliChew 4-jar packs or 24-box packages on Amazon.

Purchase any or all of the above knowing that they are Non-GMO Project Verified!

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