19 Oct

Gluten free baking is tough!

Organic Merchants - Shop NowIf you struggle like I do at times with a gluten free diet, let me assure you that you are not alone.  Making gluten free bread was a huge learning curve for me.  I tried the bread recipes where you have to add what seems like fifty different ingredients and it just never worked out.  It took me some time to find an all-purpose flour that wasn’t a close relative to cardboard.  There are a couple options I have found that work well when it comes to gluten free flour.

Organic Merchants makes an all-purpose blend that suits my needs quite well.  The only thing that has to be added with it is xanthan gum to act as the gluten factor.

I also use coconut flour on occasion, but that is typically only if the recipe I am using calls for it.  Coconut flour tends to be a moisture absorber so it can lead to very dry baked goods if not used with the proper balance of ingredients.


The last one that I use frequently is almond flour.  I like using almond flour because it contains healthy protein and oil that all-purpose flour does not.  But it does not work in every application and is heavier so it requires the use of more eggs, or whatever other binder you use.  Organic Merchants does not yet carry almond flour, but Honeyville makes a superb almond flour that you can find on Amazon.com.



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