16 Jan

When it comes to essential oils, I always look for the best because they are so important for our health.  With that in mind, read my essential oils blog to learn more about why finding the best is important.

Where to find them!

If you are a shopper at natural foods stores, I am sure that you understand when I say that there are literally at least a hundred companies manufacturing essential oils to sell.  I have found several brands that are non-GMO certified to put your mind at ease.

NOW Brand essential oils are purity tested to guarantee that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.  There are no filler oils.  Look for the following essential oils that are non-GMO verified:

Anise Oil–Atlas Cedar Oil–Basil Oil–Bergamot Oil–Camphor Oil–Cedarwood Oil–Chamomile Oil–Cheer Up Buttercup!–Cinnamon Bark Oil–Cinnamon Cassia Oil–Citronella Oil–Clary Sage Oil–Clear The Air–Clove Oil–Cypress Oil–Eucalyptus Oil–Eucalyptus Radiata Oil–
Focus Concentration Centering Blend–Frankincense Oil–Frankincense Oil Blend–Geranium Oil–Ginger Oil–Good Morning Sunshine! Uplifting Oil Blend–Grapefruit Oil–Hyssop Oil–Lavender & Tea Tree Oil–Lavender Oil–Lemon Eucalyptus Oil–Lemon Oil–Lemongrass Oil–Lime Oil–Marjoram Oil–Mental Focus Oil Blend–Myrrh 20% Oil Blend–Myrrh Oil–Oil Of Oregano–Orange Oil–Oregano Oil–Patchouli Oil–Peace & Harmony Oil Blend–Pennyroyal Oil–Peppermint Oil–Pine Oil–Rose Hip Seed Oil–Rosemary Oil–Sage Oil–Spearmint Oil–Spike Lavender Oil–Tangerine Oil–Tea Tree Oil–Wintergreen
Organic Citronella Oil–Organic Eucalyptus Oil–Organic Lavender Oil–Organic Lemon Oil–Organic Orange Oil–Organic Peppermint Oil–
Organic Rosemary Oil–Organic Tea Tree Oil
I personally like their oils and use their organics often; a 5-star products!


Nature’s Answer
Nature’s Answer makes a total of 36 single oils and blends that are organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.  I have not personally tried this brand yet but I look forward to.  Their process of production is unique in that they have developed the patented Bio-Chelation process by which the plants extracts are obtained without heat.  This preserves the bio-active components so that the product has more value to your health.  I believe I will be adding this to my next order!
Nature’s Answer essential oils earn 4.5/5 stars by their regular users, making this a worthy product to try and come to love!



Notagmo, the condensed version of “not a GMO”, makes only non-GMO essential oils.  Their variety is limited and they are not organic, but they are committed to sustainability and come from a family-owned business.  Their roller ball applicators are a convenient and mess-free way to use essential oils.   I would give them a 4/5 rating because they are not organic, but I would be willing to try them.




You can find NOW Brand, Nature’s Answer and Notagmo at Lucky Vitamin at the lowest price!

Tell me, what do you use essential oils for in your home?

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