27 Dec

I can remember my Mom making hot chocolate in a saucepan on the stove top when I was young and it tasted so much better than the hot chocolate out of the pouch!  While it took a little more time than just rip, dump and stir, the flavor was more chocolaty and the texture was richer.  MOMables has a great recipe for homemade hot chocolate you can find here.

If you prefer the ready-made chocolate powder, I have found some of that for you as well!

Do the dump-and-stir

Earth Circle Organics is a great source for many Non-GMO products, including their  organic Balinese drinking chocolate.  Containing only cacao powder and coconut sugar, you can enjoy this knowing that is it is low glycemic and great-tasting.  This product is easy to use as hot chocolate in hot water, or even add to your morning shakes or cereal!  Why limit this tasty chocolate to just hot water!

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Guittard Chocolate Company also makes two varieties of cacao powder for drinking.  If you enjoy the homemade hot chocolate, try their Cocoa Rouge unsweetened powder.  Or the Grand Cacao for the simple and easy cup.  Find both varieties of Guittard Drinking Chocolate on Amazon in one order, or buy your favorite!

Guittard Chocolates are always a 5-star product!



NibMor produces organic, fair trade drinking chocolate in three flavors, all of which receive 4.5/5 stars rated by a high number of consumers!  Made with cacao powder, coconut sugar and a touch of salt (which I think it what sets this apart), look for all of their flavors on Amazon:

  • Traditional
  • 6 Spice 
  • Mint

While you could always make your own flavored hot chocolate at home with a touch of essential oil or organic liquid flavor, it is a nice treat to grab your favorite flavor without the extra work and make it easy.

Or for you moms out there that try your hardest to give the best to your kids but don’t have the time to make everything, this is a great way to save yourself a little sanity and still know you are giving them something that will not harm them and they can still enjoy!

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Enjoy one or all of these knowing they are Non-GMO project verified!

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