3 Nov

If you just can’t do without the kickstart

Coffee is almost like breathing air for some to be able to get up and get going.  And not having it is quite possibly near death to everyone else around!  When it boils down to it, you have several options to quench the coffee cravings.

Allegro Coffee has a whopping 76 coffee products to choose from!  You will never have to worry about living without coffee again.  Choose from coffee roasters, single origin flavors, coffee blends, organic, espresso and decaf.  Did you know that “allegro” means “at a brisk tempo?”  A little coffee/music pun there for you.  The list of Allegro coffee is far too long to put here, so shop away!



Coexist coffee is a small company that sources their coffee from products grown in areas of social conflict around the world with the intention of improving social dynamics and creating peace.  While their selection is limited to three varieties, they are grown organically in rich volcanic earth to give them a unique flavor.  Find the Peacemaker Roast, Diplomat Roast and Espresso Roast on Amazon with a little snack included.



Wicked Joe Coffee works closely with local coffee farmers to make fair trade and organic coffee that is full of flavor.  Non-GMO Project has certified the following flavors:

  • Bella Maria Medium

    Find your flavor on Amazon!
  • Big House Medium
  • Colombia Medium
  • Decaf French Dark
  • First Tracks Medium
  • Jamaican Me Crazy Medium
  • Maine State Parks Blend Medium
  • Sumatra Medium
  • Wicked French Dark
  • Wicked Italian Dark

Wicked Joe earns 5-stars from coffee drinkers!


Groundwork Coffee sources beans from around the globe to bring you flavors you love.  Look for these Groundwork Coffee flavors on Amazon to ensure they are Non-GMO:

  • Angel City Coffee Beans
  • Big Easy Coffee
  • Bitches Brew Coffee Beans
  • Black Gold Coffee Beans
  • Black Magic Espresso
  • Brazil Coffee Beans
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Cold Brew Concentrate
  • Decaf Angel City Coffee Beans
  • Lucky Jack Coffee Beans
  • Peru Coffee Beans
  • Sumatra Coffee Beans
  • Venice Coffee Beans

If this isn’t enough to choose from, you might drink too much coffee 😉


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