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Here you will find the best places online to buy the best quality coconut oil.  To find out WHY you should look for coconut oil at its best, read my coconut products blog.

Back to where to buy…there are several companies that make high-quality coconut products for you to choose from.

Wilderness Family Naturals makes 5-star coconut oil products that I personally use and will continue to use in the future.  Purchasing from Wilderness Family is a great opportunity to try coconut oils that have been extracted by different methods to find your favorite.

Centrifuge extracted coconut oil is a raw product so it retains more of the coconut taste.  Cold-pressed coconut oil also retains the coconut taste but is also considered a raw product. Expeller-pressed coconut oil would be your choice if you want the benefits of coconut oil without the smell or taste of coconut.  Visit Wilderness Family Naturals to learn more about their non-GMO coconut oil!

Ordering direct from Wilderness Family is the most affordable, but you can also find their coconut oil on Amazon by clicking the picture to the left.



Following Wilderness Family Naturals, there are three other companies that produce high-quality coconut oil that I would recommend.

Nutiva produces many products that I have come to love and use regularly in my home.  When I have to buy coconut oil from a local source I look for their brand.  I have found their products trust-worthy and high-quality.

Virgin coconut oil being the best, I look for that first.  Their virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed, unrefined and organic, as well and non-GMO.  It does retain the coconut taste but you can use it for everything!

If you are looking for coconut oil without the taste and odor, Nutiva makes a refined coconut oil that is refined through the use of steam.  I personally would not use this if I had the option because it is heated.  But it is more applicable for high heat cooking.  For a unique taste, they also have a buttery coconut oil that is also refined.

Find Nutiva coconut oil at the lowest price at Lucky Vitamin.


Garden of Life is always committed to producing quality products that will improve your health, and their coconut oil is no exception.  Cold-pressed and raw, their coconut oil is one of the best on the market.  The only reason I don’t use their coconut oil regularly is that it does cost more than the other brands.  But if you have a little extra change sitting around, you won’t be disappointed with Garden of Life coconut oil.

Lucky Vitamin is the place to find the lowest price for this product!



And last, but most definitely not least, is Coconut Secret.  Coconut Secret is a small company committed to a handful of high-quality coconut products using the entire coconut tree.  The thing I find most amazing is that they use a principle of physics to make their coconut oil alive!  Called the Helix System, it is used to activate the coconut oil by introducing a clockwise-counter-clockwise spin on the molecules.  This enhances its bioavailability, permeability and absorptive abilities.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but you have to try it to understand!  While you will pay a little more, I believe that this is something you will want to try at least once.

Find Coconut Secret at the lowest price at Lucky Vitamin.


Try any or all of these oils knowing they are Non-GMO Project Verified!

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