23 Feb

Cassava flour is becoming popular among the gluten free community, as it is much easier to use as a flour in place of wheat flour.  It can also be used freely in the paleo diet as it is a vegetable, not a grain.  It is also, however, somewhat expensive.  Otto’s Naturals is the only company that makes Non-GMO Project Verified cassava flour, and their flour is very enjoyable.   If you are looking for something easy to use for gluten free uses or even something new and different, cassava flour is definitely an excellent place to start!

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Madhava is currently the only company producing cassava syrup but with their commitment to quality, non-GMO products I would not hesitate to buy.  Those that use this product rave that it is light in flavor but completely sufficient for any sugar needs.  The only use for which it may not be ideal is cold drinks, as it does not dissolve well in cold fluids.  But that is easily solved by dissolving in warm water first!  Doesn’t it look tasty?

At 4.5/5 stars, try Madhava cassava syrup and see the difference for yourself!

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