10 Feb

When the option exists, I look for the raw option.  It is very easy to find raw, organic, non-GMO agave nectar!

We come back to my favorite sweetener company, Wholesome Sweeteners!  If raw is not to your liking, they also offer varieties that are not raw.  They favor the blue agave, which has a milder taste.  Give them a try on your breakfast goodies!  Their sugar products are very good as well, 5 stars in my book!




Madhava is a very popular brand when it comes to agave nectar, and also sources the blue agave.  They are dedicated to bringing their customers high-quality sweeteners that you are sure to enjoy.  I have always been very pleased with Madhava products.  If agave isn’t your tune, check out their other sweeteners as well!


Find both of these excellent brands in varying sizes at Lucky Vitamin!

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