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120355_znhxwklelhkdao12hmsbjfwxaThank you for visiting GMO Free Diet!

You will find information on this website to help you better understand why genetically engineered foods are not the best choice.  I have also provided places where you can purchase non-GMO foods under different categories from a variety of businesses, as well as one-stop-shops online where you can do a bulk of your shopping in one place.

To familiarize yourself with what is on the website, visit the tabs at the top.

The tab “Find Non-GMO Foods” is where you will visit to find places where you can find non-GM foods online.  Each category has one or more blog posts that highlight various food products or food types.

On the right of this page you will find the “Recent Posts” box.  That will highlight the most recent blogs that I have posted to this page.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Home page, you will find a box called “Categories.”  Clicking on a category will take you to all of the informative blog posts that pertain to that food category, so you can more easily find what you are looking for.

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