26 Oct

Keep the gardening small-scale

I have mentioned before that growing your own garden is the best way to ensure that you eat healthy produce.  If you live in a location that will not allow you to grow an outdoor garden, or it’s just too inconvenient or stressful, you can grow indoors.  There are many options!

Buy a kit and make it easy!

You don’t even have to buy pots for these (unless you want to)!  Everything you need comes in a growing kit so you can easily get started with your own greens at home.

Free Shipping on Orders over $35Sprouts are one of the easiest plants to grow at home.  They have a short growing time and require very little effort and time invested.  If you are already sprouting at home, but looking for non-GMO sprouts, you will find a wide selection at True Leaf Market.

Or if you are just a beginner, look for their sprouting kits that will get you started on the path to success!  Click here for TrueLeafMarket.com – Organic Sprouting Seeds, Kits & Supplies!


Microgreens can be sprouted and eaten as sprouts or grown in the ground to become a garden vegetable.  The biggest difference between microgreens and sprouts is that most microgreens prefer to be grown in soil, while sprouts can be grown in just water.

They also tend to be more flavorful than sprouts, and are typically not eaten alone or in large quantities.  But they are quite tasty and add flair to salads and other mixed greens, or even with a sprout blend.

If you are looking to start your own microgreen farm, look no further than True Leaf Market.  They offer both hydroponic and soil growing kits to get you started without hassle! Click here for
TrueLeafMarket.com – Microgreens Seeds, Kits & Supplies!


Wheatgrass juice is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, and easy to grow at home.  If you are already an avid wheatgrass juicer, I have no doubt you are benefiting tremendously from this practice!  If you are an endeavoring wheatgrass juicer, have no fear….find everything you need here!  TrueLeafMarket.com – Wheatgrass Kits, Juicers, Seeds & Supplies will give you everything you need to start or continue your wheatgrass experience!

Herbs at home

If you have ever had the opportunity to use fresh herbs for cooking, you know that the taste and aroma can’t be touched with dry herbs!

Growing herbs at home sounds like a challenging a time-consuming project because there are so many, and indeed, you could have a very extensive herb garden if you wished.  However, if you are looking to keep it simple, a growing kit gives you everything you need to get started and maintain your herbs with very little effort.

 TrueLeafMarket.com – Herb Garden Seeds, Growing Kits & Supplies gives you everything you need to get started!


And if you are feeling adventurous…

…grow your own mushrooms and trees!  Grow mushrooms like Shiitake and Maitake in your home so you can enjoy these delicious treats as often as you want!

And tree growing kits provide you with everything you need to provide the proper environment to grow your trees.  Bonsai, sequoia, venus fly trap, and more!  Check them out at TrueLeafMarket.com!



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