7 Oct


There’s no reason to forego the baked goodies when you decide to switch to GMO free in your home!  My all-time favorite flour is from a company called Wheat Montana.  They make several varieties and their flour makes the BEST baked goods I have ever tasted.

Make a stop at Amazon.com for the lowest price on what will become the yummiest baked goods made in your kitchen!


For Wheat Sensitivites
Organic Merchants
For those that are wheat intolerant but not gluten intolerant, spelt flour makes a great substitute for any type of baking.  It is a glutinous flour so people with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease will NOT want to use this.  Before I eliminated gluten entirely from my diet, I used spelt for some baking and it worked great as a direct substitute.

Organic Merchants sells spelt flour that is organic and certified non-GMO.  They are also a super one-stop-shop for many others items that suit the organic and non-GMO diet so stay a while and look around!