7 Oct

It may not be GMO on purpose, but it still is

hjhd_08_k_ubtWhen I was growing up I, like most kids, loved the cute little farm animals.  What I never found appealing was the idea of eating an animal that I loved like a pet, and I still don’t so I stick to the grocery story.

What I’ve begun to realize is that animal meat is not GMO-free either, and it’s not necessarily because they’re made that way intentionally.

All large corporations that raise meet stock feed their animals grain feed, it is easy and it makes the meat taste good which we as consumers really like.  The only problem with grain fed animals is that they are most likely eating GMO grains like corn and soybeans.  The phrase “you are what you eat” comes in to play perfectly here, as what the animal eats is broken down and digested and converted into the being of the animal.  So, unless you are buying 100% grass fed beef you are likely consuming GMO meat.

Are animals being genetically modified?

Yes would be the answer to that question.  You may have even seen the outcome of that when you visit your local Wal-Mart fish section.  Glo-fish are one of the current GM animals that are welcomed into most homes in the US.  Other glow-in-the-dark animals have also been created, including rabbits and cats.  Other larger meat animals that are being genetically modified are the pig, affectionately named the EnviroPig, goats, and cows. glow_light_tetraGM salmon were recently introduced, and farm-raised tilapia have been modified as well (another reason not to eat farmed tilapia).  The one that I find rather odd is the featherless chicken.  This article offers a short description of each.

Animals are being genetically modified to create human drugs.  The first drug created in 2009 was from a genetically modified goat.  The drug is called ATryn, and is a blood thinner that is used for a rare genetic clotting condition.  The list is somewhat long and GM animals for the creation of drugs is on the rise.  The 1999 USDA list of GM animals being used to produce drugs is revealing, I am on the hunt for an updated list.

The goat has since been modified to produce in it’s milk the same protein as what is in the spider web.  The protein is isolated and used to make high-tensile cords and related products.  The FDA offers a simplistic explanation of how this occurs here.  Have you checked the source of your climbing rope lately?