GMO and Organics

Can organic food be GMO?

The answer to that, sadly, is yes.  By law, organic farmers must not intentionally include GMO seeds in their crops.  However, according to the USDA organic growth policy on genetically modified organisms, I quote “If all aspects of the organic production or handling process were followed correctly, then the presence of a detectable residue from a genetically modified organism alone does not constitute a violation of this regulation” and “the inadvertent presence of GMOs in organic seeds does not constitute a use because there was no intent on the part of the certified operation to use excluded methods. The presence of detectable GMO residues alone in an organic seed does not constitute a violation of the NOP regulations.”

200px-usda_organic_seal-svgSee the link here for the full text.

Under USDA law, in order for foods to be considered grown organic they must follow a specific set of production standards and processes.  As long as they follow the standards set forth by law, they can be considered organic. My gravest concern personally about the GMO food movement is that is has spread into organic foods to the point that even they cannot be relied upon to be safe.

I have seen this personally with fresh produce from our local grocer.  Fortunately and unfortunately, our son has a very specific reaction to GMO foods and I have purchased organic produce only to have him manifest this reaction.  I am convinced that our organic crops are being tainted with GMO crops either by pollen distribution in the air or seed contamination in the seeds that are being planted.