25 Oct

Wine and Chocolate
Two items that always make an appreciated gift, but pairing wine and chocolate together can be somewhat of art.  If you are a novice I would, if you cannot attend a tasting, follow advise as to the best pairings.  I found the ftokaji_and_chocolateollowing recommendations on WikiHow:

  • White chocolate: Match with Sherry, Muscat, a fruity Chardonnay, or a Moscato d’Asti. These wines will pick up on the buttery, fatty tones of what isn’t always considered to be a “real” chocolate. For those who don’t mind
    a risk, a contrasting wine heavy in tannins might just work to cut through the fattiness of white chocolate.

  • Milk chocolate
    : Try Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Muscat, and dessert wines. Champagne is also a natural match for milk chocolate. The crisp, dry flavour of the bubbly contrasts perfectly with the creaminess of a simple milk chocolate tablet. Be careful of the higher sugar levels in milk chocolate, as these may cancel out any fruitiness in dry red wines, leaving them tasting bitter.
  • Dark chocolate (50% to 70%): Pair this with more robust wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Port. A Chianti can match well with chocolate around 65 percent cocoa content.
  • Bittersweet chocolate (70% to 100%): This chocolate type enters the bitter range with deep intensity. Chocolate gourmands adore this range of taste, so the wine should live up to it. Good choices include Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Shiraz, Orange Muscat, Port, Malbec, and Zinfandel.
  • Try champagne or sparkling wine with all chocolate types. It is a variety that compliments many flavors. Many fortified dessert wines work well across the chocolate spectrum as well.

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