26 Oct

Do you know someone that has an interest in growing their own greens but has no idea where to start?

Look no further!

These easy to use kits are every aspiring gardener’s best friend.  They come with everything one would need to start an indoor growing hobby and add healthful greens to their diet.

Let’s not forget the kids either!  One of the earliest memories I have in elementary school is when we sprouted an avocado seed.  I thought that was the coolest thing!  (And am still amazed how little sprouts sprout).  Kids love to participate in the family and love seeing things grow and this is easy and kid-friendly with a little assistance.

Visit the Holiday Gift Guide on each website to guide you to the perfect gift.

Shop GrowingMicrogreens Today!

GrowingMicrogreens.com sells microgreen and salad kits that make it easy to grow fresh superfoods on your porch or even kitchen counter.  Microgreens are healthful little greens that are the young version of vegetables like broccoli and beets.  Buy a kit with a growing tray, growing medium and seeds, or buy everything you need and choose your own seeds from a selection of over 60 types of seeds.  Both soil and hydroponic kits are available if you want to skip the dirt entirely.


Shop HandyPantry.com Today!
Your green thumb is waiting!

Handy Pantry: Living Whole Foods Inc. has everything you need to grow your own sprouts.  They are the number one destination of sprout-growers!  Buy a prepared kit or pick and choose your favorite sprout varieties to get started.  Shop HandyPantry.com for Organic Seeds, Sprouting Kits, Supplies and More!

Handy Pantry also sells wheatgrass kits, juicers, a food storage kit and bulk grains.



Wheatgrasskits.com is your one source for all things wheatgrass.  You will find wheatgrass kits in both soil and Shop WheatgrassKits.com and Save!hydroponic mediums, and juicers to complete your wheatgrass experience.  Wheatgrasskits also sells barley grass kit, hard red wheat kit and even a dog and cat grass kit!

At wheatgrasskits.com, you will also find a handful of sprouting kits, herb growing kits, mushroom growing kits, fermenting kits, nut milk kits, bread and cereal kits, and even skin care products.

You can even grow your own trees!


At herbkits.com, you will find Indoor Herb Growing Kits for medicinal, culinary and herbal tea applications, and a selection of planters to suit your needs.  They also provide growing and drying supplies to complete the herb preservation.

At herbkits.com you will also find salad green starter kits, flower seed collections, mushroom growing kits and tree growing kits.
Shop HerbKits.com and Save Today!

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