21 Nov

You would be correct in wondering what this has to do with GMO foods, and honestly it really doesn’t.  But I am not beyond sharing complimentary items to your non-GMO diet that I find unique and attractive!

Most tea companies produce their own tea infusers and other products that you can purchase at the same time as your tea.  I found Libre Tea and couldn’t help but share these unique glasses.

The concept of on-the-go, fresh-brewed tea is very attractive to me and these glasses deliver on that.  And they are stylish!  I also appreciate that Libre glasses are not exclusive to tea; you can use them for fruit-infused water or even just plain water or juice.  When you buy one you can use it for every other beverage you drink as well.

One other concept I like about drinking out of a glass container instead of just a drinking glass is that I can keep better track of how much fluid I am consuming in a day.  I have a terrible habit of not drinking enough fluid, but if I can fill a container and set it beside me I do better.  As a general rule of thumb, one should drink the same number of ounces of water in a day as half of their body weight in pounds.  If you aren’t reaching that rest assured you are not alone!  An attractive Libre glass might very well help you with that too!


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