12 Dec

Dandies sure are a dandy!  For a cup of hot chocolate or s’mores, or even just to munch on, Dandies marshmallows will be a perfect replacement.

Find peppermint marshmallows on Amazon!

Made free of corn syrup, gluten, gelatin, peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, fish, shellfish and corn to accommodate many food allergies.  They are also made kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified!

Dandies offer large vanilla marshmallows and small vanilla marshmallows available all year round, as well as seasonal flavors of pumpkin available in fall and winter, and peppermint available in the winter.

They rate 4 to 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, for a texture and taste exactly like other marshmallow!

You can find Dandies at Thrive Market for an affordable price, or look on Amazon for larger packages of two and four to stock your pantry!

10 Dec

Have no fear!  You do not have to give up your mint candy!

Have you ever wondered why so many restaurants offer mint candies as you leave?  Mint is an excellent calmative for the digestive system; anything from mild indigestion to anti-nausea for illness.  So don’t be afraid to carry a few in your pocket for an after-dinner treat for that Mexican that you know will rumble your tummy.

VerMints offers a selection of six different flavors of mint candies that come in a convenient portable tin.  PepperMint, WinterMint, CinnaMint, GingerMint, Chai and Cafe Express.  If you are looking for the stomach-calming mint, I would prioritize the PepperMint, WinterMint or GingerMint.  The other flavors are great for assuaging the occasional sweet tooth or remedy for bad breath.  Find all of their flavors except the chai at Lucky Vitamin.

VerMints are rated 5 stars for a healthy replacement to your favorite!


And let us not forget the holiday candy canes, a Christmas staple that many just couldn’t do without in their stocking!  Tru Joy has created a peppermint candy cane that is an excellent non-GMO substitute for the generic candy cane.  They are full of peppermint flavor without the tooth-cracking sweetness!  Find them at the lowest price at Thrive Market.

VerMints and Tru Joy are both Non-GMO Project Verified!

30 Nov


How to eat figs

Try them all!

Fig Newtons, anyone?  Except you don’t want to eat those because they are packed full of unhealthiness.  Hands down the BEST non-GMO fig bar I have found up to this point is made by Nature’s Bakery.  As you can see, they offer eight different flavors to choose from, and every one of them is delicious!

If you are doing bulk shopping, you can pick up a select few flavors at Thrive Market or a wider selection at Lucky Vitamin.  I have also found these at our local Costco.

These are easy to throw in your purse or include as a snack in the kids’ lunch!

They are great plain too!

My favorite brand of dried figs is Made in Nature, along with their other dried fruits (the list is long!).  You will find Smyrna whole figs and quarters, and whole Black Mission Figs.  I personally like them all equally but some have a preference for one or the other.  The Smyrna quarters are great for adding to other things like cereal.  Dried figs are particularly good because during the drying process they develop a light sugary coating on the outside to make them extra sweet.

Find whole Smyrna figs at Lucky Vitamin.

Made in Nature’s Black Mission Figs are somewhat difficult to find, but Woodstock produces Black Mission Figs.  Naturally, they are non-GMO verified and you can find them at Lucky Vitamin as well!


I put a handful in a bag for road trips to make an easy and delicious snack!

Which one is your favorite?

23 Nov


What to choose…

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to tea I like it simple.   Choice Organic Teas is one of my favorites because they keep their flavors simple and tasteful…and even the packaging is simple and attractive to look at!  They offer a generous selection of loose leaf teas, many varieties of tea bags and even tea pyramids.

Another 5-star product!

Shop Choice Organic Tea at Lucky Vitamin to find your favorites, or even try something new!





Yogi Tea is one of my other go-to brands that is both organic and Non-GMO.  They do not offer loose leaf
varieties but their 60 bagged blends are great and they have formulated blends for many different functions including sleep, detox and energy (who doesn’t need more of that!).

Yogi Tea earn 5 stars from myself and many other tea drinkers!

Thrive Market has a moderate selection of Yogi Tea that you could include in your Thrive Market shopping list, or if you are a shopper at Lucky Vitamin, their selection is more complete.


My third favorite is Numi Tea.  There are several reasons I like Numi, but the primary one is that they make truly good tasting tea.  You will find turmeric teas, pu-erh teas, green, black and white teas, herbal teasans and indulgent teas.  You will even find flowering teas that are unique and beautiful!  And of course they offer loose leaf, iced tea and even single serve for your Keurig or other machine.

I believe that Numi is an elegant tea that everyone should try and will agree is a 5-star tea.

Find a number of selections of Numi at Thrive Market or numerous selections of Numi Tea at Lucky Vitamin.  Take some time and see what you can find to tempt your taste buds!




And FINALLY, when I am looking specifically for a medicinal type tea, I look no further than Traditional Medicinals.  With your health and healing in mind, they have created teas that are specific for health ailments including digestive, detox and women’s complaints.  One of my favorites is the EveryDay Detox; I notice a decrease in liver aching within a couple hours after drinking a cup.

If you’re not sure where to start, I would suggest starting with one of their variety packs or samplers to get a feel for their quality products.  Thrive Market offers a handful of their most popular teas to add when you do your regular shopping, or find a much larger selection at Lucky Vitamin.

As with any herbal medicinal, be sure to read the label if you are on any medications or have health conditions that might be contra-indicated for use.

How has using herbal tea improved your health??







1 Nov


Non-GMO Sugar is Easy to Find

With sugar being such a necessary commodity to us, it is not difficult to find non-GMO Verified sugar.

Wholesome Sweeteners is one of the more popular Non-GMO Verified brands that makes cane sugar, and I find their products taste great in any application.  They offer cane sugar, raw turbinado cane sugar, powdered sugar, and dark and light brown sugar.  Their sugars are also organic, so you can avoid pesticide exposure as well.

I give Wholesome Sweeteners 5-stars for all of their sugar products!

Find the complete varieties of Wholesome Sugars at Lucky Vitamin, or if you are a Thrive Market shopper you will find some there as well!

In The Raw produces Sugar In The Raw, and while their selection of cane sugars is smaller than Wholesome their products are both organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.  Also a 5-star product!

Look for their products at Lucky Vitamin!


26 Oct

Keep the gardening small-scale

I have mentioned before that growing your own garden is the best way to ensure that you eat healthy produce.  If you live in a location that will not allow you to grow an outdoor garden, or it’s just too inconvenient or stressful, you can grow indoors.  There are many options!

Buy a kit and make it easy!

You don’t even have to buy pots for these (unless you want to)!  Everything you need comes in a growing kit so you can easily get started with your own greens at home.

Free Shipping on Orders over $35Sprouts are one of the easiest plants to grow at home.  They have a short growing time and require very little effort and time invested.  If you are already sprouting at home, but looking for non-GMO sprouts, you will find a wide selection at True Leaf Market.

Or if you are just a beginner, look for their sprouting kits that will get you started on the path to success!  Click here for TrueLeafMarket.com – Organic Sprouting Seeds, Kits & Supplies!


Microgreens can be sprouted and eaten as sprouts or grown in the ground to become a garden vegetable.  The biggest difference between microgreens and sprouts is that most microgreens prefer to be grown in soil, while sprouts can be grown in just water.

They also tend to be more flavorful than sprouts, and are typically not eaten alone or in large quantities.  But they are quite tasty and add flair to salads and other mixed greens, or even with a sprout blend.

If you are looking to start your own microgreen farm, look no further than True Leaf Market.  They offer both hydroponic and soil growing kits to get you started without hassle! Click here for
TrueLeafMarket.com – Microgreens Seeds, Kits & Supplies!


Wheatgrass juice is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, and easy to grow at home.  If you are already an avid wheatgrass juicer, I have no doubt you are benefiting tremendously from this practice!  If you are an endeavoring wheatgrass juicer, have no fear….find everything you need here!  TrueLeafMarket.com – Wheatgrass Kits, Juicers, Seeds & Supplies will give you everything you need to start or continue your wheatgrass experience!

Herbs at home

If you have ever had the opportunity to use fresh herbs for cooking, you know that the taste and aroma can’t be touched with dry herbs!

Growing herbs at home sounds like a challenging a time-consuming project because there are so many, and indeed, you could have a very extensive herb garden if you wished.  However, if you are looking to keep it simple, a growing kit gives you everything you need to get started and maintain your herbs with very little effort.

 TrueLeafMarket.com – Herb Garden Seeds, Growing Kits & Supplies gives you everything you need to get started!


And if you are feeling adventurous…

…grow your own mushrooms and trees!  Grow mushrooms like Shiitake and Maitake in your home so you can enjoy these delicious treats as often as you want!

And tree growing kits provide you with everything you need to provide the proper environment to grow your trees.  Bonsai, sequoia, venus fly trap, and more!  Check them out at TrueLeafMarket.com!



14 Oct

If you are a chocolate bar kind of person, there are several options for your choosing!  There are three different companies to choose from and they are all decadent.


Endangered Species Chocolate partners with organizations that support species and habitat conservation for endangered animals, donating 10% of their sales to support animal conservation efforts.  They have delectable darks with berries, nuts and mint in varying combinations, and milk chocolate.  Each of their bars is designed after an endangered species that you will find on the wrapper.

They also carry a selection of holiday favorite dark chocolates: pumpkin spice and almond; cranberries, orange and cinnamon; and peppermint crunch!

Of the three non-GMO chocolates I am going to list, they are the most affordable, and also rate 4.5/5 stars on Amazon.  My rating of Endangered Species would be 4/5 stars only because they are not organic, and I always suggest buying organic whenever possible.

You will also find four flavors on Thrive Market to add to your regular shopping!


Amore Di Mona is made in the USA and created vegan without the most common allergens.  Look for dark and light chocolates both plain and mixed with cherries, currants, cranberries and coffee beans.  They earn 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, and 4.5/5 stars from myself, as they ARE organic, vegan chocolate has just never been my favorite.  However, Amore is a wonderful American-made chocolate!

Theo Chocolates are also organic and fair trade certified and personally I have found them my favorite of the chocolate bars, and they offer a vegan bar as well!  The dark chocolate with sea salt is to die for!  Look for darks and lights with toffee, sea salt, black rice quinoa (is actually quite good), ginger, raspberry , orange, chili, salted almond, coconut, cherry almond and mint.  They are a tad bit more expensive than Amore but they consistently rate 5/5 stars on Amazon, and without hesitation receive 5/5 stars from me.

Thrive Market is another shop to find a small selection of Theo Chocolates at a lower price than Amazon with a membership.  If you haven’t signed up with Thrive Market, sign up for a free trial!

Theo has also created some fun holiday flavors!  Look for cranberry orange, nutcracker brittle, peppermint stick and gingerbread spice on Amazon!

Is that enough chocolate for you? 32px-smiley_faceAm I the only one that begins to salivate talking about all of this chocolate?

Which is your favorite??