17 Apr

I you have not yet, I suggest you read my blog on phytic acid to understand why these foods are worth your consideration.

If the preparation of soaking, and the potential necessity of drying of these foods sounds too overwhelming, there are foods to be bought that will fit what you need!

Sprouted Rice

Its open because we eat it!

While it sounds foreign, it tastes very similar to un-sprouted rice.  My favorite brand, Lundberg, has filled the need for this product with four varieties of rice: Brown Basmati, Tri-Color Blend, Short Brown and Red.  For a little spice and flavor, they have also created four sprouted rice blends: Chili Verde, Korean BBQ, Thai Red Curry and Vegetable Fried Rice

Find all of these varieties at Lucky Vitamin!


Soaked and Dried Nuts

With the recent craze in eating all raw foods, it may be hard for you to believe that soaking a drying nuts is not a big no-no.  I can understand your angst, but consider it rooted in incomplete information.  Soaking results in the inactivation of phytic acid, the drying is to make them more edible.  Being dried at low temperature, there is no concern about the nutrition in the nuts being destroyed.

One excellent source of soaked and dried nuts is Wilderness Family Naturals.  They offer a wide variety of nuts ready-to-eat, or buy them raw and prepare them yourself!


To Bean or not to Bean

We all know that beans have a reputation for causing gas, and the reason for this is because they are not soaked properly prior to eating.

Unfortunately, proper bean preparation has to occur at home.  Soaking them in an acid medium before cooking will inactivate the phytic acid.  Your digestion will thank you!

Visit my bean blog to find non-GMO beans!



Because we eat so many bread-based foods, replacing regular flour with sprouted flour for baking and cooking use is very important.

There are two brands of sprouted flour that I use regularly and have been very pleased with: King Arthur and One Degree.  They require no special treatment and are used exactly like the flour you are used to using, so there is no added stress!



I believe that you will find that, as you integrate more of these foods into your diet after being prepared properly, that you will feel more satisfied after eating.  I have also experienced that I eat a smaller quantity of food, and I believe this is because I am receiving more nutrients from the foods I do eat.  This likely plays a factor for those that struggle with constant hunger, over-eating, and excess weight.

20 Mar

If you prefer xylitol as a sweetener, is strongly suggest sourcing non-GMO Verified products because xylitol is often made from corn cobs.  There are only a handful of brands that have taken the verification but one stands out above the crowd.

XyloSweet is the most convenient brand to find and the only one reviewed by customers.  As a sugar replacement it can be used for beverages, baking or cooking.  You can find XyloSweet in 1 pound, 3 pound or 5 pound bags and individual 4g sachets at Lucky Vitamin or if you are a Thrive Market shopper find the sachets there as well for a low price!  XyloSweet earns 4.5 stars so I believe you will love it!

23 Feb

Cassava flour is becoming popular among the gluten free community, as it is much easier to use as a flour in place of wheat flour.  It can also be used freely in the paleo diet as it is a vegetable, not a grain.  It is also, however, somewhat expensive.  Otto’s Naturals is the only company that makes Non-GMO Project Verified cassava flour, and their flour is very enjoyable.   If you are looking for something easy to use for gluten free uses or even something new and different, cassava flour is definitely an excellent place to start!

Find Otto’s cassava flour at the lowest price at Lucky Vitamin, rated 4.5/5 stars!


Madhava is currently the only company producing cassava syrup but with their commitment to quality, non-GMO products I would not hesitate to buy.  Those that use this product rave that it is light in flavor but completely sufficient for any sugar needs.  The only use for which it may not be ideal is cold drinks, as it does not dissolve well in cold fluids.  But that is easily solved by dissolving in warm water first!  Doesn’t it look tasty?

At 4.5/5 stars, try Madhava cassava syrup and see the difference for yourself!

Thrive Market has the best price for Madhava Cassava Sweetener so shop now!

10 Feb

When the option exists, I look for the raw option.  It is very easy to find raw, organic, non-GMO agave nectar!

We come back to my favorite sweetener company, Wholesome Sweeteners!  If raw is not to your liking, they also offer varieties that are not raw.  They favor the blue agave, which has a milder taste.  Give them a try on your breakfast goodies!  Their sugar products are very good as well, 5 stars in my book!




Madhava is a very popular brand when it comes to agave nectar, and also sources the blue agave.  They are dedicated to bringing their customers high-quality sweeteners that you are sure to enjoy.  I have always been very pleased with Madhava products.  If agave isn’t your tune, check out their other sweeteners as well!


Find both of these excellent brands in varying sizes at Lucky Vitamin!

7 Feb

Maple syrup is one of the more expensive products on the market per serving so you will be looking at spending a bit more than your generic corn syrup based maple products.  There are, however, non-GMO products available that are not too hard on the pocketbook.

Coombs Family Farms is a family-owned farm located in Vermont, where they produce organic and non-GMO certified maple products from start to finish.  For the average syrup consumer that uses maple syrup on pancakes and occasional food preparation, their syrups available from Lucky Vitamin will serve your purposes.  Thrive Market also sells Coombs Family syrups and they slightly less expensive.

Regular customers give Coombs Family 5-stars!




1 Feb

As I mentioned in my honey blog, raw honey is the best form of honey to consume because it retains the natural enzymes that give honey its anti-bacterial properties.  You can also find healing Manuka honey here.


Wholesome Sweeteners makes excellent raw honey to compliment their other sweetener products.  I always find Wholesome products superior quality and their honey is no exception.  Try this 5-star product, you won’t regret it!




Wedderspoon, along with their Manuka honey, produces mono-floral honey varieties from Rata, Beechwood, Dandelion and Fir that retain a unique flavor from the flowers that they harvest.  If you are looking for a honey that is unique in taste in comparison to the typical poly-floral blend, this is the company!  All of their honey products earn 5-stars from their consumers.



Heavenly Organics makes one poly-floral and Acacia and Neem mono-floral blends to suit your taste!  Their mono-floral blends are of a different variety than those of Wedderspoon, so take your time as give them all a look since each has a unique taste and application.



Find all three brands at Lucky Vitamin, take your time and shop!

31 Jan

In my opinion, Manuka honey is something that everyone should keep on their shelf as a regular part of your diet and as a natural antimicrobial for wound healing.

While it is somewhat expensive, if you invest in a (KFactor) UMF 16+ Manuka honey, you will not need to use more than a teaspoon orally per day so it will last for quite a long time.

I always suggest buying raw honey, no matter the kind, to retain the natural enzyme benefits that pasteurization with heat removes.

Wedderspoon is the primary company that I look for when looking for Non-GMO Project Verified Manuka honey.  The offer both KFactor 12 and KFactor 16 rated honey to make sure you are receiving the additional benefits of their Manuka.  Wedderspoon honey is rated 5-stars by all of their customers (including myself)!

Find the best selection of Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey at Lucky Vitamin, or look for the lowest price at Thrive Market.

Your body will thank you!


16 Jan

When it comes to essential oils, I always look for the best because they are so important for our health.  With that in mind, read my essential oils blog to learn more about why finding the best is important.

Where to find them!

If you are a shopper at natural foods stores, I am sure that you understand when I say that there are literally at least a hundred companies manufacturing essential oils to sell.  I have found several brands that are non-GMO certified to put your mind at ease.

NOW Brand essential oils are purity tested to guarantee that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.  There are no filler oils.  Look for the following essential oils that are non-GMO verified:

Anise Oil–Atlas Cedar Oil–Basil Oil–Bergamot Oil–Camphor Oil–Cedarwood Oil–Chamomile Oil–Cheer Up Buttercup!–Cinnamon Bark Oil–Cinnamon Cassia Oil–Citronella Oil–Clary Sage Oil–Clear The Air–Clove Oil–Cypress Oil–Eucalyptus Oil–Eucalyptus Radiata Oil–
Focus Concentration Centering Blend–Frankincense Oil–Frankincense Oil Blend–Geranium Oil–Ginger Oil–Good Morning Sunshine! Uplifting Oil Blend–Grapefruit Oil–Hyssop Oil–Lavender & Tea Tree Oil–Lavender Oil–Lemon Eucalyptus Oil–Lemon Oil–Lemongrass Oil–Lime Oil–Marjoram Oil–Mental Focus Oil Blend–Myrrh 20% Oil Blend–Myrrh Oil–Oil Of Oregano–Orange Oil–Oregano Oil–Patchouli Oil–Peace & Harmony Oil Blend–Pennyroyal Oil–Peppermint Oil–Pine Oil–Rose Hip Seed Oil–Rosemary Oil–Sage Oil–Spearmint Oil–Spike Lavender Oil–Tangerine Oil–Tea Tree Oil–Wintergreen
Organic Citronella Oil–Organic Eucalyptus Oil–Organic Lavender Oil–Organic Lemon Oil–Organic Orange Oil–Organic Peppermint Oil–
Organic Rosemary Oil–Organic Tea Tree Oil
I personally like their oils and use their organics often; a 5-star products!


Nature’s Answer
Nature’s Answer makes a total of 36 single oils and blends that are organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.  I have not personally tried this brand yet but I look forward to.  Their process of production is unique in that they have developed the patented Bio-Chelation process by which the plants extracts are obtained without heat.  This preserves the bio-active components so that the product has more value to your health.  I believe I will be adding this to my next order!
Nature’s Answer essential oils earn 4.5/5 stars by their regular users, making this a worthy product to try and come to love!



Notagmo, the condensed version of “not a GMO”, makes only non-GMO essential oils.  Their variety is limited and they are not organic, but they are committed to sustainability and come from a family-owned business.  Their roller ball applicators are a convenient and mess-free way to use essential oils.   I would give them a 4/5 rating because they are not organic, but I would be willing to try them.




You can find NOW Brand, Nature’s Answer and Notagmo at Lucky Vitamin at the lowest price!

Tell me, what do you use essential oils for in your home?

7 Jan

Here you will find the best places online to buy the best quality coconut oil.  To find out WHY you should look for coconut oil at its best, read my coconut products blog.

Back to where to buy…there are several companies that make high-quality coconut products for you to choose from.

Wilderness Family Naturals makes 5-star coconut oil products that I personally use and will continue to use in the future.  Purchasing from Wilderness Family is a great opportunity to try coconut oils that have been extracted by different methods to find your favorite.

Centrifuge extracted coconut oil is a raw product so it retains more of the coconut taste.  Cold-pressed coconut oil also retains the coconut taste but is also considered a raw product. Expeller-pressed coconut oil would be your choice if you want the benefits of coconut oil without the smell or taste of coconut.  Visit Wilderness Family Naturals to learn more about their non-GMO coconut oil!

Ordering direct from Wilderness Family is the most affordable, but you can also find their coconut oil on Amazon by clicking the picture to the left.



Following Wilderness Family Naturals, there are three other companies that produce high-quality coconut oil that I would recommend.

Nutiva produces many products that I have come to love and use regularly in my home.  When I have to buy coconut oil from a local source I look for their brand.  I have found their products trust-worthy and high-quality.

Virgin coconut oil being the best, I look for that first.  Their virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed, unrefined and organic, as well and non-GMO.  It does retain the coconut taste but you can use it for everything!

If you are looking for coconut oil without the taste and odor, Nutiva makes a refined coconut oil that is refined through the use of steam.  I personally would not use this if I had the option because it is heated.  But it is more applicable for high heat cooking.  For a unique taste, they also have a buttery coconut oil that is also refined.

Find Nutiva coconut oil at the lowest price at Lucky Vitamin.


Garden of Life is always committed to producing quality products that will improve your health, and their coconut oil is no exception.  Cold-pressed and raw, their coconut oil is one of the best on the market.  The only reason I don’t use their coconut oil regularly is that it does cost more than the other brands.  But if you have a little extra change sitting around, you won’t be disappointed with Garden of Life coconut oil.

Lucky Vitamin is the place to find the lowest price for this product!



And last, but most definitely not least, is Coconut Secret.  Coconut Secret is a small company committed to a handful of high-quality coconut products using the entire coconut tree.  The thing I find most amazing is that they use a principle of physics to make their coconut oil alive!  Called the Helix System, it is used to activate the coconut oil by introducing a clockwise-counter-clockwise spin on the molecules.  This enhances its bioavailability, permeability and absorptive abilities.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but you have to try it to understand!  While you will pay a little more, I believe that this is something you will want to try at least once.

Find Coconut Secret at the lowest price at Lucky Vitamin.


Try any or all of these oils knowing they are Non-GMO Project Verified!

14 Dec

While you know that I am an advocate of all things non-GMO, I would strongly emphasize that a non-GMO chewing gum is very important simply because it stays in your mouth for a period of time.  Thankfully there is not a shortage.

Simply Gum is just that…simple.  Made with chicle base, cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, rice flour and mint, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, coffee or maple flavors, it is simple and tasteful.  It is, however, sweetened with sugar so if you are a frequent gum chewer I would suggest alternating it with another brand.

Find the variety pack on Amazon or six-packs of Simply Gum in your favorite flavor.  Also find the ginger, cinnamon and mint flavors at Thrive Market with the rest of your shopping!

Glee gum is also made with natural ingredients and the classic Glee Gum comes in peppermint, tangerine, cinnamon, spearmint, bubblegum, and mixed berry.  The classic flavors are sweetened with cane sugar and brown rice syrup.

Glee has also made a sugar-free gum that is sweetened with xylitol that comes in mint, lemon-lime and watermelon flavors.  Find Glee Gumand Glee Gum Sugar Free on Amazon in multi-packs of one flavor or variety packs.  Stock up your center console!

And finally, last but not least is XyliChew!  Made with xylitol to be sugar free, XyliChew is more like the shelf-brand gum in terms of other ingredients.  While Simply Gum and Glee are made with chicle, XyliChew is a gum base.  Flavored in cinnamon, fruit, spearmint, peppermint, black licorice and ice mint, mint lovers will find their mint-tooth satisfied.  Find XyliChew 4-jar packs or 24-box packages on Amazon.

Purchase any or all of the above knowing that they are Non-GMO Project Verified!