8 Nov

Homemade Pet Food?

Absolutely!  Making your pet food from scratch is one of the best things you can do.  Even indoor pets feel better when their diet is suited to their digestive tract.  Dr. Karen Becker has written a book called Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats.  In it she explains why the common dry foods that we usually choose are not the best option, why grains are not ideal, and why a diet balanced in meat and produce is the best.  I strongly suggest you read this before you begin feeding your pet a raw food diet.

Once you feel that you understand the dietary needs of your housemate, the next question is where to find the ingredients.  Finding a local meat source is ideal since you can visit and ask questions.  Many ranchers are now raising 100% grass fed beef and other animals, so it is worth taking the time to look for it.  If you cannot find a local source, buying online is the next best option.


U.S. Wellness Meats has a page on their site designated for pet food where you will find meat, bones, tendons and organ meats.  They also sell non-GMO produce to add to your pet food as recommended by Dr. Becker.

8 Oct

Feeding your own livestockwheat_field_1

If you raise your own animals and choose to grain feed them, finding a non-GMO source of grains is important.  If you are a motivated animal owner and live in the correct part of the country, you could theoretically grow your own feeding grains.  The number of animals would also dictate if this is truly a possibility.

You have options

When it comes to animal feeds, another division that is becoming more significant is those that look for feed without soybeans.  With the recent discoveries of soy being a pseudo-estrogen, there are some that prefer to leave it out.

If you are looking for soy-free animal feed, Scratch and Peck has several animal varieties.  The most common positive response for this feed it that “it looks like real food product.”  If you have ever fed your animal processed food pellets you can understand what that means.  They make chicken, turkey, pig and goat feed.  Chicken feed is available on Amazon.com, and is specialized for chicks, broilers and laying hens.

256px-chick_on_sandHiland Naturals offers several types of animal feed.  You can find large bags of chicken, rabbit and goat feed on Amazon.com.  They specialize their chicken feed as well.  They also manufacture ruminant, swine and horse feed.

Nature’s Best Organic Feeds has a variety of pellets and crumbles for chickens and turkeys depending on the purpose of the animal.  They also manufacture goat, sheep, swine, dairy, beef, and horse feed.

If you don’t find a link for a particular product, check out the manufacturers website for more details.