8 Nov

Homemade Pet Food?

Absolutely!  Making your pet food from scratch is one of the best things you can do.  Even indoor pets feel better when their diet is suited to their digestive tract.  Dr. Karen Becker has written a book called Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats.  In it she explains why the common dry foods that we usually choose are not the best option, why grains are not ideal, and why a diet balanced in meat and produce is the best.  I strongly suggest you read this before you begin feeding your pet a raw food diet.

Once you feel that you understand the dietary needs of your housemate, the next question is where to find the ingredients.  Finding a local meat source is ideal since you can visit and ask questions.  Many ranchers are now raising 100% grass fed beef and other animals, so it is worth taking the time to look for it.  If you cannot find a local source, buying online is the next best option.


U.S. Wellness Meats has a page on their site designated for pet food where you will find meat, bones, tendons and organ meats.  They also sell non-GMO produce to add to your pet food as recommended by Dr. Becker.

18 Oct

Now that you have become a sustainable gardening expert, you will want to save those non-GMO homegrown foods for winter time!  I love nothing more than to pop open a can of homemade pickled beets or canned green beans. 359px-preservedfood1 They taste so much better than frozen!

I won’t lie, canning is a time-consuming project and I know people that spend months in the summer canning their
garden goodies.  But the most important pay-off when you are looking to feed yourself and your family a non-GMO diet is that you have it when you need it and you know what it is because you grew it and canned it yourself.  There is no greater security in my mind.

Whether you are completely new to canning and preserving or a seasoned veteran, Fresh Preserving has everything you would ever need!  Along with the obvious jars and lids, they offer a long list of other items, including:

  • Recipes
  • Canning guides
  • Problem solving tools
  • Books
  • Storage units for jars
  • Infusing jars
  • and even fun decorative items for household use.

This is your go-to place for everything you would ever want for canning and preserving.  Check out Fresh Preserving here!  Click the picture below to get started.


14 Oct

They are what they eat

We all know the old adage “you are what you eat”.  This applies to everything on this planet that eats.  Sourcing plant lettuce_mini_heads_7331119710-1fertilizer is always a wise idea if at all possible because you want to know what they have been eating.  This is another great reason to get to know your local farmers and ranchers.

You also want to be sure that you are not going to kill your plants with what you are feeding them.  All types of manure need to compost otherwise it will burn the plants.  The time frame can be anywhere from 3 months to over a year for chicken waste, the time frame varying depending on what animal type you use.  After aging you want to add carbon-based materials to balance the nitrogen of the manure, such as leaves, straw or wood-based products.  There is a lot of detail that goes into this process that I won’t visit now but you can find helpful resources here.

Skip the Fuss and Buy it


I have found one source of plant food on Amazon that is non-GMO called Organics Rx.  They make four specialized types of fertilizer for vegetables, tomatoes, indoor plants, and rose and flower food.  Find all of them at Amazon.com.



Azomite mineral ore

Azomite also makes a good fertilizer for many different applications.  Consisting of powdered montmorillonite clay, it has a high concentration of nitrates and other trace minerals.

Shop WheatgrassKits.com and Save!
Look under “Products” and “Growing Supplies”

Life Force Seaweed Powder is a balanced fertilizer made of…you guessed it…ground up seaweed.  Sea vegetables are high in micro-nutrients that plants need and can be used on indoor sprouts, indoor and outdoor plants, vegetables, trees and more.

You can find Azomite and Seaweed Powder at Wheatgrasskits.com.

8 Oct

Feeding your own livestockwheat_field_1

If you raise your own animals and choose to grain feed them, finding a non-GMO source of grains is important.  If you are a motivated animal owner and live in the correct part of the country, you could theoretically grow your own feeding grains.  The number of animals would also dictate if this is truly a possibility.

You have options

When it comes to animal feeds, another division that is becoming more significant is those that look for feed without soybeans.  With the recent discoveries of soy being a pseudo-estrogen, there are some that prefer to leave it out.

If you are looking for soy-free animal feed, Scratch and Peck has several animal varieties.  The most common positive response for this feed it that “it looks like real food product.”  If you have ever fed your animal processed food pellets you can understand what that means.  They make chicken, turkey, pig and goat feed.  Chicken feed is available on Amazon.com, and is specialized for chicks, broilers and laying hens.

256px-chick_on_sandHiland Naturals offers several types of animal feed.  You can find large bags of chicken, rabbit and goat feed on Amazon.com.  They specialize their chicken feed as well.  They also manufacture ruminant, swine and horse feed.

Nature’s Best Organic Feeds has a variety of pellets and crumbles for chickens and turkeys depending on the purpose of the animal.  They also manufacture goat, sheep, swine, dairy, beef, and horse feed.

If you don’t find a link for a particular product, check out the manufacturers website for more details.


7 Oct

If you are a gardener, or even aspiring

256px-bagatelle_potager02I am no expert in the arena of gardening but I have to say that growing my own food has always been an attractive idea.  And truly, if done properly, the best way to ensure that you are eating non-GMO produce.

The word “heirloom” means “a valuable object that is owned by a family for many years and passed from one generation to another” (Merriam-Webster).  I believe that this definition will take on a place of greater and greater importance as the percentage of our food supply that becomes GMO increases.  Heirloom seeds are indeed of great value because they are untainted, and may very well be the only way that we are able to return to a healthy food supply.

Heirloom varieties are the best because they are guaranteed non-GMO, and the seeds can be harvested and saved for next years’ crop.  I am very excited to tell you that there are still several sources of heirloom seeds available on the internet.

Where to buy

heirloom seedsHeirloom Seeds is my favorite website because they have such a wide variety of seeds, including vegetables, flowers, herbs, melons and even gourds.  They also offer books and gardening supplies for your every need on their site.  Don’t let the thought of an heirloom garden scare you.  It is a delightful and rewarding venture.



Burpee Provides non-GMO Hybrids

Burpee Gardening is a well-known name in the gardening industry, as they have been in business since 1876.  They have maintained a line of Heirloom Seeds and Plants, as well as creating their own hybrid varieties.  Their selection is broad, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and perennials.  The organic section contains mostly hybrid seeds that have been grown organically.Burpee Gardening

If I were looking to grow a season one-year garden, I would shop the Organic Gardening Seeds and Supplies section of Burpee.  I have always had great growing success with Burpee seeds, and choosing organic means that pesticide exposure has been avoided.

In true fashion, I have also found the gardening tips on their website very helpful.  There is a wonderful section for new gardeners, and a lot of information on how to plant a garden and make it as successful as possible.

Gardening supplies you cannot live without you will find on Burpee’s website.  From small items like gloves and shovels to Greenhouses to protect your seedlings and plants from harsh weather at Burpee.com!


Happy gardening!