27 Dec

I can remember my Mom making hot chocolate in a saucepan on the stove top when I was young and it tasted so much better than the hot chocolate out of the pouch!  While it took a little more time than just rip, dump and stir, the flavor was more chocolaty and the texture was richer.  MOMables has a great recipe for homemade hot chocolate you can find here.

If you prefer the ready-made chocolate powder, I have found some of that for you as well!

Do the dump-and-stir

Earth Circle Organics is a great source for many Non-GMO products, including their  organic Balinese drinking chocolate.  Containing only cacao powder and coconut sugar, you can enjoy this knowing that is it is low glycemic and great-tasting.  This product is easy to use as hot chocolate in hot water, or even add to your morning shakes or cereal!  Why limit this tasty chocolate to just hot water!

Be the first of your friends to try Organic Balinese Drinking Chocolate.  Find it at the most affordable price from Amazon!


Guittard Chocolate Company also makes two varieties of cacao powder for drinking.  If you enjoy the homemade hot chocolate, try their Cocoa Rouge unsweetened powder.  Or the Grand Cacao for the simple and easy cup.  Find both varieties of Guittard Drinking Chocolate on Amazon in one order, or buy your favorite!

Guittard Chocolates are always a 5-star product!



NibMor produces organic, fair trade drinking chocolate in three flavors, all of which receive 4.5/5 stars rated by a high number of consumers!  Made with cacao powder, coconut sugar and a touch of salt (which I think it what sets this apart), look for all of their flavors on Amazon:

  • Traditional
  • 6 Spice 
  • Mint

While you could always make your own flavored hot chocolate at home with a touch of essential oil or organic liquid flavor, it is a nice treat to grab your favorite flavor without the extra work and make it easy.

Or for you moms out there that try your hardest to give the best to your kids but don’t have the time to make everything, this is a great way to save yourself a little sanity and still know you are giving them something that will not harm them and they can still enjoy!

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Enjoy one or all of these knowing they are Non-GMO project verified!

21 Nov

You would be correct in wondering what this has to do with GMO foods, and honestly it really doesn’t.  But I am not beyond sharing complimentary items to your non-GMO diet that I find unique and attractive!

Most tea companies produce their own tea infusers and other products that you can purchase at the same time as your tea.  I found Libre Tea and couldn’t help but share these unique glasses.

The concept of on-the-go, fresh-brewed tea is very attractive to me and these glasses deliver on that.  And they are stylish!  I also appreciate that Libre glasses are not exclusive to tea; you can use them for fruit-infused water or even just plain water or juice.  When you buy one you can use it for every other beverage you drink as well.

One other concept I like about drinking out of a glass container instead of just a drinking glass is that I can keep better track of how much fluid I am consuming in a day.  I have a terrible habit of not drinking enough fluid, but if I can fill a container and set it beside me I do better.  As a general rule of thumb, one should drink the same number of ounces of water in a day as half of their body weight in pounds.  If you aren’t reaching that rest assured you are not alone!  An attractive Libre glass might very well help you with that too!


9 Nov

There are a handful of drinks that offer unique beverage experiences that one may not directly look for but is still something you may enjoy.

Add some aloe vera to your diet

Alo Juice combines their organically grown aloe juice and pulp with fruit juice in different combinations to bring you the benefits of the aloe plant.  Aloe has been used for centuries as a healing plant that is useful for digestive complaints, stomach aches, detoxification and an overall source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  You can find Alo in almost every fruit flavor under the sun, that are all Non-GMO Project Verified.  Shop on Amazon to find your flavor!



Apple Cider Vinegar is good for your health

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Drink is apple cider vinegar with juice and spices.  While drinking apple cider vinegar does not sound highly appetizing, there are health benefits.  Maintaining an acidic digestive tract is important for proper balance and function.  The stomach must remain acidic for proper digestion of proteins, the small intestine neutralizes the acidity of the stomach to some degree but maintains slight acidity for continued digestion.  Mild acidity in the large intestine is important for intestinal flora to survive and reproduce.  Consuming mildly acidic drinks can also help in preventing kidney stones by increasing the acidity of the urinary tract and preventing calcium stone formation.  And, if you ever end up with food poisoning, drinking a glass of straight ACV will usually kill the bacteria.  It’s a hard thing to do but it sure does help!

Bragg has made it a easier to get that maintenance dose with their ACV drinks, thank goodness!  Look for all of their flavors on Amazon.com.

  • ACV and Honey
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Concord Grape-Acai
  • Ginger Spice
  • Limeade
  • Sweet Stevia
  • Pomegranate Goji

Drink your chia

Chia is growing in popularity as a superfood that you can add to just about anything.  In fact, I use it as an egg replacer in baked goods and it works great.  Drinking chia is an easy way to reap the benefits of omega 3 fats, protein, fiber and minerals.

Mamma Chia has created novel products to make chia drinks tasty and improve your health at the same time!  Their organic vitality beverages in seven flavors are tasty juice blends with chia:


  • Blackberry Hibiscus
  • Cherry Lime
  • Coconut Mango
  • Cranberry Lemonade
  • Guava Mamma
  • Raspberry Passion (my favorite!)
  • Strawberry Lemonade

If you are looking for greens with your chia, grab one of the four flavors of Mamma Chia:

Ginger and Lemongrass

Kale and Mint

Beet and Ginger

Cayenne and Lemon

Or if you need an energy boost but feel guilty about drinking a popular “energy drink” these will do the trick.  Energized with Guayasa in a base of fruit juice, you can’t go wrong here:

  • Grape Power
  • Cherry Charge
  • Blackberry Blast
  • Raspberry Razz

All three brands are Non-GMO Project Verified so enjoy freely!

4 Nov

Hydrate naturally, not with Gatorade

Coconut water is another super product that has been gaining speed on the market and for good reason.  It is an excellent electrolyte replacement, containing potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus, with healthy sweetness.  Coconut water is also identical in content to human blood plasma, so it will not cause an electrolyte imbalance with consumption.  It is always amazing to me how many things grow in nature that we need that we don’t have to produce in a factory.

Gatorade and other electrolyte drinks contain electrolytes, but they are also packed full of sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors that you would be best to avoid.

Coconut water is taken from the middle of young green coconuts, not the hard, brown counterparts you might be thinking of.  The water of young coconuts is much different than the mature coconut because the nutrients in the liquid have not yet been utilized by the coconut to create the meat.  Drinking coconut milk from a mature coconut will not yield the same health benefits.

Try them all!

Zico Coconut Water is 100% Non-GMO Project Verified and they offer a variety of coconut water beverages.  Look for these flavors of Zico and the best prices on Amazon.

Chilled Coconut Water
Chilled Coconut Water & Pineapple Mango Juice Blend
Chilled Coconut Water & Strawberry Banana Apple Juice Blend
Chocolate Flavored Coconut Water
Natural Coconut Water
Organic Coconut Water
Pineapple Flavored Coconut Water
Watermelon Raspberry Flavored Coconut Water


Vita Coco has created a few unique flavors that differ from Zico that you might enjoy that are also Non-GMO Project verified that you can find on Amazon as well.  I can attest that they are tasty!

Chilled Coconut Water
Coconut Water
Coconut Water Lemonade
Coconut Water With Lime
Coconut Water With Orange
Coconut Water With Pineapple
Pure Coconut Water With Tropical Fruit



I am a fan of having a little coconut pulp in my coconut water, I think it keeps up the flavor of the water and gives it a little boost.  C2O Coconut Water adds pulp to their coconut water drinks and I have to say they have been my favorite up to this point.  Put it in the fridge and drink it cold, it feels like a visit to the beach 🙂  Look for their plain coconut water or find it in chocolate, pineapple and tropical punch juices.




If you are looking for something truly unique, Taste Nirvana has two unique flavors that stand out from all others.  Try their Coco Aloe with aloe pulp added for a little fiber, or their Coconut Water with Thai Chili extract for a truly one-of-a-kind taste.


And if that isn’t enough for you…Thirsty Buddha makes, along with plain coconut water, a mango flavored variety that is sure to quench your thirst.


With all of these choices, who would ever need to drink Gatorade again?

3 Nov

Kombucha is not just a craze

You and I know that the food market is a constant rotation of new products and exciting ideas, and with the current availability of media for most of us we are bombarded with information.  Fermented foods have risen in popularity in the recent past because they offer so many health benefits.  The irony of that is that many ancient cultures regularly consumed fermented foods, either out of the necessity to preserve their food or the need to make it more edible.  Our culture is coming to realise that the current diet that most Americans consume is not good or healthy and needs to change.

Kombucha Scoby (starter)

Enter kombucha…a fermented drink that is femented with kombucha in a tea base with some added fruits and vegetables.  It provides probiotics, natural acids to help acidify the digestive tract and, depending on what else it is flavored with, fruits and vegetables.

In my associations with patients, and even myself, I have found that for those with yeast imbalances kombucha can actually be detrimental until the imbalance is corrected.  This is because kombucha is a fungus and can promote continued fungal imbalance.  If you know that you have a yeast imbalance, use kombucha with caution.

I would also suggest purchasing kombucha drinks in-store as opposed to having them shipped, as they require refridgeration and it is quite expensive.  For your convenience I have listed the brands that are Non-GMO for you to find at your local store.

  • Aqua ViTea kombucha
  • Clearly Kombucha
  • High Country Kombucha
  • KeVita Kombucha
  • Live kombucha soda
  • Revive Kombucha
  • Health-ade
  • One Kombucha
  • Gt’s Enlightened Kombucha

Kombucha is available in most grocery stores and natural food stores, look for the above brands to find non-GMO kombucha!

18 Oct

The All-Coveted Meal Shake

If you are like me you’ve probably been through the gamut of meal shakes and many of them seem to be less than ideal.  It is funny that, more often than not, when I’m not looking for something is when I find it.  That’s how I found Yuve.

Yuve is a relatively new company on the market that I stumbled upon so I ordered a free sample.  I was impressed with the taste and quality.  As you can see on the label below, their shakes are vegan, soy free, dairy free and non-GMO.  I also really liked that they don’t include a huge list of products in their shake, it is simple enough that I don’t have to spend several minutes sifting through it.



Right now they only offer one flavor but I can see expansion coming for this company.

They also make Matcha green tea, which offers a load of anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients along with an energy boost.  Yuve offers a free sample of their vegan shake, click on the image below to get started!