About Me

Hello friend!  I am so glad that you found this website and I hope that is becomes a valuable resource in your efforts to become GMO free.

In my journey to become a healthcare provider, I have spent literally thousands of hours in a classroom, read many books and researched many topics.  One topic that is at this point still quite misunderstood is GMOs and their effect on our health.  I was motivated to write this website for that reason, in the hopes that some clarity and understanding could be developed surrounding GMO foods.

Like you, I initially had to spend a lot of time trying to find information on GMOs.  It was a bit frustrating for me so I didn’t invest a large amount of time until after our son was born.  After our son was born, through his struggles my eyes were finally opened to the depth of seriousness of the impact that GMOs currently have on our health and will have in the future.  Our little one was born healthy in all typical respects, but over time he began to have crying fits that truly scared me, as he would scream and scream for long periods of time as if he was in pain or suffering from some intense discomfort.  He also developed what his pediatrician diagnosed as eczema on his face, legs and back that would itch, peel and bleed.  Seeing your baby suffer like that is heartbreaking and hugely motivating at the same time.  After following the pediatrician’s recommendations and seeing little improvement, I sought answers.  Through my seeking and with the help of family, friends and our chiropractor, we determined he was consuming GMOs through his milk and wearing GMO cotton clothing.  We immediately changed his food to a clean source and eliminated all GMO clothing and immediately began to see a reduction in his eczema and he screamed much less.  We have since eliminated other irritants that have given him even more relief but the elimination of all GMOs from his tiny body was truly a gift from God.  Because of his continued sensitivity to GMOs I have willingly given up my D.C. practice for the time being and dedicated myself to care for him and our family, and continuing to educate myself so that I can help others is different ways.

My hope is that through the resources on this website you too can find answers, be it simple resources to better your health, or some understanding of what GMOs are and how they may be affecting your health.

Many blessings to you,