31 Oct

Are you a soda drinker?

The most convenient foods are often the most difficult to give up when trying to improve our diets.  They are easy to find and they taste so good!

Thankfully there are non-GMO soda options to replace those foods that we grab on the go.

Zevia has met the demand with a non-GMO AND zero calorie soda, how about that!  They have also developed a selection of energy drinks.  They are sweetened with Stevia to allow for zero calories, which tends to have less of the “super-sweet” taste that most are accustomed to but consistenly receives 4-starsfrom customers.

Find Zevia Zero Calorie Soda, Rainbow Variety Pack, Naturally Sweetened, (Pack of 24) and other varieties on Amazon.com


If you simply can’t do without that super-sweet soda taste, Dry Sparkling may be the choice for you.  Upon initial glance the flavors seems unusual but customers give them 4-stars.  Sweetened with sugar for a great soda replacement!  Find them in glass bottles or cans on Amazon.

Veri Soda is more like the classic “soda” that everyone knows.  Sweetened with a blend of stevia and cane sugar to make it low calorie, it has a sweet taste but not super-sweet.  It also comes in a can and is available in four flavors; orange, cola, lemon-lime and ginger ale.  Veri Soda is available on Amazon by individual flavors in varying numbers of cans.


Zevia, Dry Sparkling and Veri Soda are all Non-GMO Project Verified to ensure that you know what you are consuming!  Enjoy those fizzy drinks 🙂

29 Oct

Why make kelp a part of your diet?

csiro_scienceimage_905_undaria_pinnatifida_japanese_kelpKelp is a brown or green algae that grows in the shallow reefs of warm ocean waters.  It is a great natural source of iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, vitamins A, B-12, B-6, and C, enzymes and fiber.  Most notably, it contains good levels of iodine to support thyroid function and maintain a healthy basal metabolism.  Kelp can be eaten raw or cooked, prepared in many different ways.

If the idea of consuming kelp is not appetizing, Vital Choice has created kelp cubes that can be added to soups and other foods to minimize the potential taste factor.  Along with kelp, you will also find on Vital Choice Wakami Seaweed Salad, designed to compliment your seafood dishes or eat it plain.  Click on the “Shop” tab and find them under “Organic Food and Seasonings.”

Both products will give your health a boost, and both products receive 5-starsreviews from customers!

28 Oct

Who wouldn’t want healthy, wild-caught seafood delivered to their door for Christmas?

Our family has made it a tradition to have a seafood Christmas dinner every year and I anticipate it every year!  It is a special treat that we rarely have.

As one that loves seafood but rarely has the opportunity to enjoy it, I would be delighted with a seafood gift.  If you know someone that is the same, be it a one-time meal or a collection of canned fish, wild-caught seafood from Vital Choice is sure to be a hit.

28 Oct

Healthy Snacks Delivered Monthly
Great for college kids and families!

Everyone knows someone that needs healthy snacks!  Gone are the days of candy bars and soda, in comes something better.

Having multiple food sensitivites, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the food supply in our home.  The idea of having someone send me snacks on a regular basis that I can safely eat is a relief.

If you have young children at home and can’t seem to find time to make them the healthy snacks you long for them to have, order an Urthbox and have it delivered to your door.

Don’t forget the college kids!  Being away from home, it is sometimes hard to find the motivation to eat healthy when the cafeteria is right around the corner and easy-to-reach snacks are down the hall.  Buy your college student an Urthbox and have it sent straight to them!

Last but not least, let us not forget those that simply cannot get to the store by themselves; the elderly shut-ins and the disabled.  They too need healthy food to sustain them and with the difficulty of getting out this is the perfect solution for them to have healthy food to munch on.

Click here to save 10% on a box!  Offer good through December of this year.



26 Oct

Do you know someone that has an interest in growing their own greens but has no idea where to start?

Look no further!

These easy to use kits are every aspiring gardener’s best friend.  They come with everything one would need to start an indoor growing hobby and add healthful greens to their diet.

Let’s not forget the kids either!  One of the earliest memories I have in elementary school is when we sprouted an avocado seed.  I thought that was the coolest thing!  (And am still amazed how little sprouts sprout).  Kids love to participate in the family and love seeing things grow and this is easy and kid-friendly with a little assistance.

Visit the Holiday Gift Guide on each website to guide you to the perfect gift.

Shop GrowingMicrogreens Today!

GrowingMicrogreens.com sells microgreen and salad kits that make it easy to grow fresh superfoods on your porch or even kitchen counter.  Microgreens are healthful little greens that are the young version of vegetables like broccoli and beets.  Buy a kit with a growing tray, growing medium and seeds, or buy everything you need and choose your own seeds from a selection of over 60 types of seeds.  Both soil and hydroponic kits are available if you want to skip the dirt entirely.


Shop HandyPantry.com Today!
Your green thumb is waiting!

Handy Pantry: Living Whole Foods Inc. has everything you need to grow your own sprouts.  They are the number one destination of sprout-growers!  Buy a prepared kit or pick and choose your favorite sprout varieties to get started.  Shop HandyPantry.com for Organic Seeds, Sprouting Kits, Supplies and More!

Handy Pantry also sells wheatgrass kits, juicers, a food storage kit and bulk grains.



Wheatgrasskits.com is your one source for all things wheatgrass.  You will find wheatgrass kits in both soil and Shop WheatgrassKits.com and Save!hydroponic mediums, and juicers to complete your wheatgrass experience.  Wheatgrasskits also sells barley grass kit, hard red wheat kit and even a dog and cat grass kit!

At wheatgrasskits.com, you will also find a handful of sprouting kits, herb growing kits, mushroom growing kits, fermenting kits, nut milk kits, bread and cereal kits, and even skin care products.

You can even grow your own trees!


At herbkits.com, you will find Indoor Herb Growing Kits for medicinal, culinary and herbal tea applications, and a selection of planters to suit your needs.  They also provide growing and drying supplies to complete the herb preservation.

At herbkits.com you will also find salad green starter kits, flower seed collections, mushroom growing kits and tree growing kits.
Shop HerbKits.com and Save Today!

26 Oct

Keep the gardening small-scale

I have mentioned before that growing your own garden is the best way to ensure that you eat healthy produce.  If you live in a location that will not allow you to grow an outdoor garden, or it’s just too inconvenient or stressful, you can grow indoors.  There are many options!

Buy a kit and make it easy!

You don’t even have to buy pots for these (unless you want to)!  Everything you need comes in a growing kit so you can easily get started with your own greens at home.

Free Shipping on Orders over $35Sprouts are one of the easiest plants to grow at home.  They have a short growing time and require very little effort and time invested.  If you are already sprouting at home, but looking for non-GMO sprouts, you will find a wide selection at True Leaf Market.

Or if you are just a beginner, look for their sprouting kits that will get you started on the path to success!  Click here for TrueLeafMarket.com – Organic Sprouting Seeds, Kits & Supplies!


Microgreens can be sprouted and eaten as sprouts or grown in the ground to become a garden vegetable.  The biggest difference between microgreens and sprouts is that most microgreens prefer to be grown in soil, while sprouts can be grown in just water.

They also tend to be more flavorful than sprouts, and are typically not eaten alone or in large quantities.  But they are quite tasty and add flair to salads and other mixed greens, or even with a sprout blend.

If you are looking to start your own microgreen farm, look no further than True Leaf Market.  They offer both hydroponic and soil growing kits to get you started without hassle! Click here for
TrueLeafMarket.com – Microgreens Seeds, Kits & Supplies!


Wheatgrass juice is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients, and easy to grow at home.  If you are already an avid wheatgrass juicer, I have no doubt you are benefiting tremendously from this practice!  If you are an endeavoring wheatgrass juicer, have no fear….find everything you need here!  TrueLeafMarket.com – Wheatgrass Kits, Juicers, Seeds & Supplies will give you everything you need to start or continue your wheatgrass experience!

Herbs at home

If you have ever had the opportunity to use fresh herbs for cooking, you know that the taste and aroma can’t be touched with dry herbs!

Growing herbs at home sounds like a challenging a time-consuming project because there are so many, and indeed, you could have a very extensive herb garden if you wished.  However, if you are looking to keep it simple, a growing kit gives you everything you need to get started and maintain your herbs with very little effort.

 TrueLeafMarket.com – Herb Garden Seeds, Growing Kits & Supplies gives you everything you need to get started!


And if you are feeling adventurous…

…grow your own mushrooms and trees!  Grow mushrooms like Shiitake and Maitake in your home so you can enjoy these delicious treats as often as you want!

And tree growing kits provide you with everything you need to provide the proper environment to grow your trees.  Bonsai, sequoia, venus fly trap, and more!  Check them out at TrueLeafMarket.com!



25 Oct

Wine and Chocolate
Two items that always make an appreciated gift, but pairing wine and chocolate together can be somewhat of art.  If you are a novice I would, if you cannot attend a tasting, follow advise as to the best pairings.  I found the ftokaji_and_chocolateollowing recommendations on WikiHow:

  • White chocolate: Match with Sherry, Muscat, a fruity Chardonnay, or a Moscato d’Asti. These wines will pick up on the buttery, fatty tones of what isn’t always considered to be a “real” chocolate. For those who don’t mind
    a risk, a contrasting wine heavy in tannins might just work to cut through the fattiness of white chocolate.

  • Milk chocolate
    : Try Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Muscat, and dessert wines. Champagne is also a natural match for milk chocolate. The crisp, dry flavour of the bubbly contrasts perfectly with the creaminess of a simple milk chocolate tablet. Be careful of the higher sugar levels in milk chocolate, as these may cancel out any fruitiness in dry red wines, leaving them tasting bitter.
  • Dark chocolate (50% to 70%): Pair this with more robust wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Port. A Chianti can match well with chocolate around 65 percent cocoa content.
  • Bittersweet chocolate (70% to 100%): This chocolate type enters the bitter range with deep intensity. Chocolate gourmands adore this range of taste, so the wine should live up to it. Good choices include Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Shiraz, Orange Muscat, Port, Malbec, and Zinfandel.
  • Try champagne or sparkling wine with all chocolate types. It is a variety that compliments many flavors. Many fortified dessert wines work well across the chocolate spectrum as well.

World Best ChocolatesFinding a quality chocolate is a must.  This is where zChocolat comes in.  Made with the finest ingredients by French chocolate makers, guaranteed non-GMO, you can find nothing better.  zChocolat makes pure chocolates, chocolates with filling, chocolate covered food items, nuts and much more.  Shop the zChocolat Product Collection to find the best compliment to your wine.

Look no farther than Organic Wine Exchange for Non-GMO Project Certified wine.  With an adequate selection and variety of wine, you are sure to find the one that will match perfectly with the perfect chocolate.  Shop by attribute to find the complete collection of Non-GMO wines.

24 Oct

The Benefits of Reds

256px-a_wee_glass_of_wineHaving a glass of wine after a long day is a perk for many; a good way to relax and wind down.  And while having a chance to relax is a great thing, there are also health benefits to consuming wine on a regular basis.

While the amount varies depending on gender and body size, one glass per day for women and two for men is considered healthy.  Red wine contains resveratrol, an anti-oxidant that has shown promise in animal studies for reducing oxidative stress and therefore reducing the occurrence and severity of chronic illnesses.  White wine does not contain the same levels of resveratrol because it is fermented without the skins of the grapes, which is where the compound is located for the most part.

To date, no official human studies have been completed on the benefits of resveratrol.  Through empirical data studies, it has been shown that individuals that consume red wine regularly have lower levels of depression and a slower overall aging process, and that red wines may help prevent some cancers, prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, type two diabetes and dementia.

Find Non-GM wines at Organic Wine Exchange!

As long as it is Non-GMO

Organic Wine Exchange is committed to creating organic wines that retain all of the quality that wine drinkers are looking for.  All of their Non-GMO wines are certified through the Non-GMO Project so they are guaranteed.  When you visit their website, hover over the “Shop” tab and select “By The Attribute.”  There you will find a section dedicated to Non-GMO wines.

Caution with sulfites and sensitivities

There are some individuals, myself included, that have a sensitivity to sulfites.  This manifests itself primarily in prescription medications but the sulfites in wine can also be a trigger.  Sulfites are produced naturally during the fermentation process, but conventional wine makers add sulfites to the final product as a preservative.

If you know you have sulfite sensitivities, be aware that drinking wine may not be advisable depending on the level of the sensitivity.


24 Oct

Use the code to receive 10% off your first order!

Make it a Regular Meal or a Special Occasion

With the advent of genetically modified salmon and the reality that GM salmon is not labeled at the grocer, many are concerned that salmon may no longer be a safe food option.  I can relate to that concern, so I went on the hunt for a clean source of seafood.  And voila!

Vital Choice chooses only the best sources of fish and shellfish to their consumers.  They carry out in-house testing of their products to ensure that the mercury level is below the regulatory minimum, which it always is.

Their fish line-up includes:






Petrale Sole

Smoked fish and lox

Fish sausage, burgers and bacon

And don’t forget the shellfish!

Visit the Vital Choice website to see all of the products they offer.  Use the banner code to receive 10% off of your first order!

The Health Benefits of Seafood

Wild seafood is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.  Omega-3 fats are responsible for brain health and decrease inflammation in the body.  Inflammation has been linked to coronary artery disease, high cholesterol and autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome.  DHA and EPA are also very important for the growing child and proper nervous system growth and development.

Is mercury a concern?

My answer to that would be maybe.  Wild sources of seafood contain far less mercury than farmed fish because farmed fish are located in areas where man-made industrial processes occur, and those processes release many toxins into the environment.  Sea animals sustained in the wild are exposed to much less human toxic exposure so they are healthier.

It really depends on the source of the seafood.  If the animals are farm-raised, the mercury level would be a concern.  I personally don’t have a concern with consuming wild-caught seafood because they are cleaner and Vital Choice carries out testing to ensure that their seafood is very safe for consumption.

As with anything, know your sources before you eat.

21 Oct

Who doesn’t like not having to go to the grocery store?  We live in a small town and I am in awe some days at how busy our small-town grocery store is.  And on top of that, when I take our little guy, after I get home I have to get the groceries from the car, inside the building, and up the stairs to our apartment.  By the time I get home from that trip I feel like I’ve run a marathon.

US Wellness Meats has risen to the challenge and provides three different sizes of boxes of organic, non-GMO produce.  Here again, I verified with the company that their organics are indeed non-GMO and they have affirmed this.  They offer three different sized boxes, and the contents vary somewhat with the seasonal crop variation.  Baskets are shipped overnight to ensure that you have fresh produce the next day.

US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products – Visit us Online!